Greetings from Rome

Dear Friends of Fransalians,

With great joy and gratitude I wish to greet each one of you and share with you once again some news from Rome as well as from our missions in Chad and Cameroon. Here in Rome the extraordinary jubilee year is being celebrated as the year of mercy with much fervor and piety. Tens of thousands of pilgrims from all over the world throng the “holy door” at St. Peter’s Basilica and at all the Major Basilicas in Rome. The message of this jubilee year is mercy and compassion. God is our Father who loves his children, who cares for them and forgives them their weaknesses and failures and is merciful and compassionate to them. As God’s children, we too are called to be compassionate and merciful with each other especially to the poor and to those who suffer injustice and oppression.

Students sponsorship program extended to 10 countries

I am happy to inform you that the Mission Office in Rome has been able to reach out to a great number of disadvantaged children in India as well as in some of the poorest countries in Africa. This has been made possible through the regular contributions we receive from donors and collaborators from several countries in Europe. I am particularly grateful to the Freundeskreis in Kahlgrund/Aschaffenburg in Germany for their sincere and generous efforts to find friends and benefactors for this noble cause.
It is a matter of great satisfaction that through the combined efforts of Amisales in Rome and Agape Africa in Germany, we have been able to reach out to over 300 disadvantaged children. The children who benefit under this program are drawn mainly from India (114) Chad (31) Cameroon (44) Tansania (17) Kenya (5) Uganda (31) Mozambique (10) Sambia (18) South Africa (26) and Namibia (5) The number of children seeking our help is ever on the increase We are far behind our initial target of finding sponsors for 1000 children. I do hope and pray that sooner or later we shall arrive at our initial target.

Drinking water projects: 7 more wells completed

The ongoing project of providing clean and safe drinking water in Chad and North Cameroon is indeed a great boon to the hundreds of people in these much impoverished regions. During the past 6 months the Fransalians in Chad and North Cameroon with the enthusiastic collaboration of the local people have been able to complete seven more wells ensuring a better future for a number of villages. Three of them are bore wells with hand pumps having a depth of around 30 meters. These wells are located at the villages of Bessama, Ndounambo and Mekagte under the Doba Mission in Chad. The four open wells completed are in the villages of Bela and Bero under the Bero Mission in Chad. With these, a total of 17 wells are now completed under our drinking water projects in Chad and Cameroon. With your continued support we hope to achieve our target of providing 100 wells in these regions within the next couple of years. My sincere thanks to all those who have generously contributed towards this project.

Saint Francis de Sales School at Ngaoundéré in North Cameroon

Saint Francis de Sales School at Djalingo Mabanga in the outskirts of Ngaoundéré is indeed a project of great importance for the entire mission of Chad-Cameroon. Ngaoundéré is a township located at almost half-way between Yaoundé and Doba linking the two Fransalian Mission Centres in Chad and Cameroon covering a distance of around 1200 kms. The project was initiated on 28 February 2015 with the first batch of 120 children. The number is expected to rise up to 200 in the coming year. This is an ongoing project which needs continuous support for many more years. Five more class rooms are planned for the coming year. A playground and toilet facilities are to be urgently made available. We are grateful to all our friends and well-wishers for their constant support for this important project. We are particularly grateful to the Cath. parish ‘Peace of Christ at olympic village’ in Munich-Moosach for their generous contributions towards this project. We thank the parish council and the parishioners for having accepted this project as their ‘godparents project’ in the true spirit of solidarity and partnership with the poorest of the poor. We are grateful to Pater Jose Kannanaikal, MSFS for having taken the initiative to introduce this project to the parish community.

Projects Planned

The Fransalians in Chad and Cameroon have planned a number of educational and developmental projects for the coming years. The following projects are some of them:
  • A Fransalian School at Doba, Chad
  • An Internat at Doba, Chad
  • An Internat at Ngaoundéré, North Cameroon
  • A Fransalian School at Ekoumdoum near Yaoundé, Central Cameroon
  • An education centre for the training and formation of Lay-leaders at Ngoya in Obala, Central Cameroon
  • A Fransalian School at Buea, South-West Cameroon
We look forward to your generous contributions and support for our projects in the coming years. May the merciful God make each one of us an instrument of mercy and compassion in a world that is tormented by frequent wars and conflicts. I wish one and all the joy and peace of Christ who became man to show us the face of God’ mercy and compassion.


P. Thomas Cherukat, MSFS



Greetings from Chad-Cameroon

My dear Friends of the Fransalians,

Fraternal greetings of love and good wishes from the Missionaries of Saint Francis de Sales working in Chad-Cameroon Mission. I am happy to share with you some of the recent developments and events in our mission. The Fransalians in Chad and Cameroon are now in charge of 9 Centres with 8 large missions and 1 formation house. There are 12 priests working here of whom 3 are Cameroonians and 9 Indians. Currently the Mission has 43 students consisting of 21 major seminarians doing philosophy and theology, 6 novices 6 pre-novices and 10 postulants. Some of them are in Cameroon and others in Tanzania.
The Mission is indeed growing fast and is in the process of stabilizing itself in almost all the fronts. We thank God for the perseverance, courage and optimism with which our young Fransalians have been building up this Mission in the midst of great difficulties and the fear of the unknown future. We gratefully acknowledge the timely support and encouragement we received from our friends and benefactors especially in these difficult times.

A Kindergarten at Bero in Chad

Eighteen years have gone by since the first batch of Fransalians had set foot in Chad. Chad is rich in natural resources but it is one of those politically disturbed and exploited countries. Hence it is branded as one of the poorest countries in the world. Faced with a situation of extreme poverty and lack of infrastructure, the Fransalians in Chad have been keen on bringing basic education to an overwhelmingly illiterate population. The Fransalian Missions of Doba and Bero in Chad administer four of the diocesan schools providing them with management, personnel and looking after the overall growth of the children. Bero Mission runs also a boys’ home in view of carefully nurturing the talent and discipline among the poorest. Most recently a Kindergarten was added to the educational ventures at Bero. Our sincere thanks to the friends and benefactors who have joined hands with us to materialize this project successfully.

Fransalian Mission at Buea in South-West Cameroon

The Fransalians have been serving the student community at the University of Buea for the past four years. Buea is the capital of the English-speaking South-West Region of Cameroon. The Mission in Buea has recently acquired a piece of land in view of initiating several educational and developmental projects in the years to come.
Dear Friends, Chad-Cameron Mission is poised for a new level of its growth. It is indeed a vibrant mission. We thank God and all our friends and well-wishers for making this mission what it is today. We the Fransalians in Chad and Cameroon join our people to thank you and to pray for you for all your concerns. God bless.
P. Manoj Xavier Arackal, MSFS