Greetings from India

Dear friends of the Fransalians,

Christmas is essentially a celebration of love, peace and joy. It is a celebration of the Love of God for the entire humanity and for the whole of creation. The birth of Jesus Christ as the Incarnate Son of God has brought us the GOOD NEWS that God cares for all of us. As children of God all of us are destined to experience the joy of being loved by God and by each other. The celebration of Christmas highlights this love-relationship with God and with one another. As we are in the season of Advent preparing for the great feast of Christmas we have an opportunity to renew our lives and to re-commit ourselves for peace and harmony in the world.
Millions of people in many parts of the world continue to suffer from hunger and poverty mainly due to the unjust distribution of wealth and opportunities. The poor are condemned to a life-long deprivation mainly due to the frequent outbreaks of wars and conflicts followed by mass migration and displacements.
The Message from the helpless baby born into a manger in Bethlehem challenges all of us to come out of our own comfort zones and reach out to those who suffer deprivation, exploitation and oppression. Let this Christmas and the New Year be a new beginning for all of us with a solemn resolve to reach out to the poorest of the poor by sharing our time and resources with the needy until it really hurts. I wish each one of you a Very Happy Christmas and a Bright New Year.
I am very grateful to all of you for your regular support and encouragement for our work among the the poor in Africa and in India. Our Mission in Chad and Cameroon is a shining example of God’s providential care for those who are at the side of the poor. The Mission has grown very rapidly in recent years and now in its full bloom promising a great future for thousands of people who may be lifted out of extreme poverty and illiteracy. I am in constant contact with our Mission in Chad and Cameroon through our project office of Vikasjyothi in Mysore. The “Projekt Schuelerpatenschaft” is the main activity of Vikasjyothi right now. More than 50 new sponsors have been found this year. A total of 650 children are being helped. Many more are on the waiting list. In India a large number of children and women from the marginalised sections of society are being helped through our educational and social development activities. A number of new projects in view of empowering the rural women have been initiated recently. May I therefore appeal to all of you to support these projects by finding new sponsors or donors so that we can reach out to many more deserving children and women. May the compassionate and merciful love of Jesus fill your hearts with joy and peace.

Yours cordially
P. Thomas Cherukat, MSFS


Greetings from Chad–Cameroon

My dear Friends and Benefactors,

Greetings of peace and joy to each one of you from the Missionaries of Saint Francis de Sales in Chad and Cameroon. We wish you all a very happy Christmas and a grace-filled and joyful New Year. In the words of Pope Francis: “ We accompany and follow Jesus as we know that He accompanies us and carries us on his shoulders. This is our joy, this is our hope that we must bring to this world of ours”. May this Christmas be an occasion for us to share our joy and hope especially with the suffering humanity.
The year 2019 has been an year of blessings for our mission in Chad and Cameroon. We have been able to successfully complete the extension of our school at Ngaoundere in North Cameroon. The construction of the SFS Boys’ Home at Doba is nearing completion. The pastoral and developmental activities in all our 8 mission centres are progressing well. We have a good number of seminarians in both our Formation Houses at Ngoya and Ngaoundere. They are the hope for the future of this ever growing mission.
Our Mission in Buea in the Anglophone province of South-West Cameroon has been going through very hard times due to the prolonged political unrest in the region. More than 3000 people have lost their lives in the raging civil war. Over half a million people are displaced. More than a million people are in need of humanitarian aid. Our confreres and the people in Buea live constantly under fear and anxiety. We hope and pray that peace and harmony will soon return to this war-torn region.
My sincere thanks to each one of you for your constant support and encouragement for our work in this remote region. We are grateful to you for your prayers and friendship and for your financial support . We do pray for you and for your intentions. May the good Lord bless you and all your concerns.

Yours cordially,
P. Manoj Arackal, MSFS




Education is a priority in all our missions. Illiteracy and ignorance are the two major obstacles for development especially in Chad and in North Cameroon. Hence we are running five schools in these regions. The SFS School at Ngaoundere and the SFS School at Doba are the two ongoing projects for which we need further financial support. At present there are 352 children attending the school at Ngaoundere. This year we have been able to construct 7 more class rooms to the existing building. The newly started school at Doba is now equipped with a Kindergarten and a primary school. At present there 156 children in this school. We appeal to your generosity for further financial assistance towards this important project.
Most of the children in the far-flung villages are not able to attend a school due to lack of roads and transport. We have therefore started two hostels or boys’ homes where children from the villages are given facilities to attend our schools. Over 70 children from the economically backward families are given the facility of board and lodge at our Boys’ Homes in Chad namely in Bero and in Doba. The Mission is also helping a large number of girl children with a scholarship for their education.
The ‘’ Sponsor a Child Program” initiated by Agape a few years ago is currently helping over 150 children in Chad and Cameroon besides helping many more in other parts of Africa and in India. At present this program is catering to over 650 children from our missions in Africa and India. We request your continued help and support for this project.

Drinking Water

Acute scarcity of clean and safe drinking water is a major health issue in all our missions. The diseases such as malaria, typhoid and cholera are quite rampant in the region. It has been therefore a major concern in all our missions to facilitate access to clean drinking water to the villages. In Chad we have been able to provide the people with a number of open wells with clean and safe water at a depth of 35 to 40 metres. These wells are provided with a protective wall and safety net around them besides a hand-pump. A large number of the village population is now having easy access to clean water and there is a noticeable decrease in the number of infant mortalities in these villages. An open well in a village in Chad will cost a little over Euro 500 only. In recent months we have been able to dig two such open wells in two villages in Bero namely Missimadji and Sindalolo. We thank our good benefactors who generously contribute towards these projects. In North Cameroon we cannot go for open wells. We need to have bore holes which cost around Euro 4000/- So far we have been able to provide over 22 wells in Chad and North Cameroon where hundreds of people are benefiting from this project. With more support from our friends and benefactors we hope to extend this project to many more villages.

A Project for the Empowerment of Rural Women in India

The newly started garment-making unit at Karehalli in the outskirts of the megacity Bangalore is a project aimed at job creation for the rural women. In recent years, the agricultural sector in India has been going through a deep crisis leading many farmers to despair to the extent that the suicide rate among farmers is alarmingly high. A cluster of villages around Karehalli near Bangalore has been chosen for this new project. Most of the 1278 households in these villages belong to the category of “below poverty line”. It is the womenfolk in these villages who suffer most due to illiteracy and unemployment and the prolonged agrarian distress. The project envisages to provide employment opportunities for the rural women in the area. More than fifty women have undergone training in the first phase and they are already employed and production of garments chiefly the school uniforms have started. Training of new batches of women and production of garments will continue simultaneously. During the period of training the women are given a stipend besides a matching amount of remuneration until they are able to earn a decent salary. The project is highly appreciated by the people in the area. We are now looking for some financial support to provide the trainees a modest stipend at least for the initial one year. Your contribution towards this worthy cause will be much appreciated.

Greetings from India

Dear Friends of Fransalians,

Greetings and good wishes to each one of you from Mysore. On 30 July 2019 I am turning 70. I thank God Almighty for the gift of life that I have received from Him and the many blessings He has showered on me during the past 70 years of my life and 44 years as a priest. It is my wish and prayer that Jesus who called me to be a priest and missionary all these years will continue to help me to work for the poor and needy so that “they may have life and life in abundance”. (Jn.10.10) On this occasion I wish to express my deep sentiments of joy and gratitude to all of you for your continued friendship, affection and support for me and for my work in the missions.

It was in the year 2005 that the Freundeskreis der Fransalianer was founded at Moembris/Kahlgrund in Germany. Today the Freundeskreis consists of around 40 registered members who have always been very close to me and actively involved in mobilising support for our work in the missions especially in Chad and Cameroon. I am very much indebted to each one of them. Besides the registered members of the Freundeskreis we have over 200 well-wishers and benefactors who contribute regularly in support of our various projects in the missions. I am indeed very grateful to each one of them for their love and concern towards the poorest of the poor in our missions in Africa and in India.

I hope to make a visit to Europe from 1st July till the end of August 2019 chiefly to take up a parochial representation in South Tyrol in Italy. I am looking forward to the joy of meeting at least some of you in person during my visits in Germany, Austria and Italy.




The ongoing educational projects in our missions of Chad and Cameroon are indeed a great blessing for a large number of people in Chad and Cameroon who are otherwise deprived of the opportunity for basic quality education. Bringing education to the poorest has always been the our prime concern of the Fransalians. At present the Fransalians are managing five important schools: 4 in Chad and 1 in Cameroon. All the five schools are of recent origin and they are yet to be fully developed. We have also 2 Boys’ Homes in Chad, one in Doba and another in Bero. I am happy to give here below a few details on each of them.

  • SFS School Ngaoundéré in North Cameroon, started in the year 2015 has 268 children in 7 classes. We need to upgrade this school with 9 more class rooms. A compound wall and a playground are also urgent needs.
  • St. Francis de Sales School Doba, Chad, started in the year 2018 has 72 children in 2 classes. We need to construct a few more class rooms in the coming year. A compound wall is also a must.
  • St. Francis de Sales School Bero, Chad, started in the year 2004 has 246 children in 7 classes. A compound wall is the immediate need.
  • St. Daniel Upper Primary School Doba, Chad, started in the year 2004 has 385 children in 8 classes.
  • St. Daniel High School, Doba, Chad started in the year 2014 has 615 children in 17 classes. Construction of an administrative block is the immediate need.
  • S.F.S. Boys’ Home, Bero, started in 2008 has 43 inmates. Construction of a separate block with a study hall and recreation hall is an urgent need.
  • S.F.S. Boys’ Home, Doba, started in 2018 has 15 inmates. Need to complete the ongoing construction.

Over 1500 children of whom around 700 are girls receive quality education through the above schools. The number of children is expected to swell in the coming years as and when we have the necessary infrastructure in place. At present 45 teachers are employed in these schools.


Drinking Water

Thanks to the generosity of some of our benefactors in Germany, the villages of Missimadji and Sindalolo under the Bero Mission in Chad have been fortunate to get regular supply of clean and safe drinking water through the 2 wells dug recently. The people are indeed very grateful to the benefactors who have made it possible. This is an ongoing project in Chad and North Cameroon. During the past few years we have been able to provide more than 20 wells to the far-flung villages of Bero and Doba. We are looking forward to friends and benefactors to help us continue this project without interruption. Our sincere thanks to all our donors.



The ongoing program of sponsorships continues to benefit a large number of poorest children in Chad and Cameroon. This program was started in 2014 under the Amisales in Rome. After my return to India, the program is brought under Vikasjyothi in Mysore which operates in close collaboration with the Amisales. Together with Amisales over 800 poor children in India and Africa are helped through partial scholarship every year. In the past one year Vikasjyothi alone has been able to make a significant contribution towards the education of the poor children mainly from Chad and Cameroon and from Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Jharkhand States in India. We have been able to grant partial scholarships to over 250 children from Karnataka and Kerala besides the 150 children supported in our Chad-Cameroon Mission. We are looking forward to more friends and benefactors to help us to expand this program and reach out to many more poor children both in India and in Africa. We are grateful to all those who have accepted the sponsorships and for their regular contributions towards this cause. Thank you one and all.

Flood relief in South India

I am very grateful to all those who have responded to my appeal for help towards the relief works in South India in the aftermath of the severe floods that hit the three southern states of Kerala, Karnataka and Tamilnadu. The Fransalians in the three States are actively involved in the relief and reconstruction works. Twenty houses are being built in Kerala for the poorest and 14 damaged houses in Karnataka are repaired or renovated. Cash contributions were sent towards relief activities in Tamilnadu. Vikasjyothi along with Amisales in Rome has been able to make a contribution of Euro 12.000 towards the Common Relief Fund of the Fransalians in Bangalore. Sincere thanks to all those who have contributed towards this project. God bless.


Yours cordially
Thomas Cherukat, MSFS



Greetings from Chad-Cameroon

Dear friends and well wishes,

Greetings of peace and joy to each one of you all from the Chad Cameroon Mission of the Fransalians. I am very happy to be in touch with you through the Agape Newsletter. We the Fransalians in Chad-Cameroon Mission wish to express our sincere thanks and appreciation for all what you are for us. Your prayers and financial support for our projects strengthen us in our work for the poor people in the remote missions of Chad and Cameroon.

I am happy to inform you that all our projects and programs are going on well in spite of the frequent attacks of diseases like malaria and typhoid which are quite rampant in the region. Political and civil strife in certain sectors of the two countries are quite alarming and a constant cause for fear and anxiety.

Trusting in God and supported by so many generous people from within and outside we the Fransalians are moving ahead with great hope and optimism. The five educational institutions we have started in recent years are growing from strength to strength. They are truly the beacon of hope for the many future generations. The two children’s homes and the ongoing drinking water project in Chad provide the much needed support and hope for the poor.

Our mission suffered a heavy loss when one of our young students in theology suddenly passed away. Brother Emmanuel Cyrille, a Cameroonian student was diagnosed with cancer and died on 26th March 2019. He was only 30 years old and was due for priestly ordination in the year 2021. It has been a great shock for the entire mission. May his soul rest in peace.

We thank you dear friends and well-wishers for your prayers, support and encouragement in our missionary journey. May the Spirit of God bind us together with a strong bond of love and affection. We look forward to your continued support for our work in the missions and we promise our prayers for you and for your near and dear ones.


Yours cordially
Fr. Manoj Xavier Arackal, MSFS
Delegation Superior

Greetings from India

Dear Friends Of The Fransalians,

Greetings and good wishes to you from Mysore, India . It is with great joy and gratitude that I address each one of you through this issue of Agape sent from India . It is the first time that I am writing to you after leaving Rome. Before leaving Rome I had made a visit to our Missions in Chad and Cameroon along with Mr. Bernhard Melchart from Vienna who is a long-time friend and benefactor of our missions. I am grateful to Mr. Bernhard Melchart for readily accepting to write a short report on our visit to the Missions. I am happy to present his report to you here below.
I left Rome on 28th December 2017 and joined our community in Mysore on 1st January 2018. It is indeed a new beginning though I had lived and worked here for 8 years from 1992 to 2000. Now after 17 years of work abroad I have the opportunity to begin again in India. I am asked to set up a new Mission Office here in view of supporting our Missions in India and Africa. The scope and nature of work is almost the same as the work that I was doing in Rome. However a lot more is to be done before the project is full y launched.


VIKASJYOTHI is the name of the new Mission Office established in Mysore. It was formally established on 1st February 2018. The name VIKASJYOTHI derives from the two Sanskrit words: VIKAS and JYOTHI. Vikas means development and Jyothi means light. VIKASJYOTHI is therefore meant to be a Fransalian Resource Centre for Integral Human Development.
Integral Human Development is a positive vision of human growth, the holistic development of the human person, covering all aspects of life: social, economic, political, cultural, personal and spiritual. In keeping with the mission and vision of the Congregation of the Missionaries of Saint Francis de Sales VIKASJYOTHI endeavours to provide service to the most needy people focussing on effective responses to poverty, disease, injustice, and other threats to human wellbeing around the world and more particularly in the developing world. VIKASJYOTHI therefore stands for bringing the light and radiance of integral human development to the lives of people especially to those who remain on the peripheries of society.

Dear Friends of the Fransalians,

I look forward to your continued collaboration and support for this new venture. The ongoing projects of Schuelerpatenschaften and Trinkwasser are already brought under the new office in Mysore. As regards the upcoming projects I shall give you more details in the next issue of Agape. I wish you all a joyous feast of Easter. May the Risen Lord bless you and all your concerns.

Yours cordially

Rev. Dr. Thomas Cherukat, MSFS
Fransalian Resource Centre for Intergral Human Development
1052 New KantharajUrs Road
Mysore 570 023
Karnataka INDIA

Tel. 00-91-0821-2541135
Mob. 00-91-7025747242

Emails: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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Websites: /www. /


My dear Friends of the Fransalians,

Cordial greetings to you from Vikasjyothi, Mysore. It is almost six months since I have taken up my new responsibility in India. I am happy to inform you that everything goes well with me and all the projects and programs initiated are being implemented successfully. I am deeply grateful to each of you for your prayers and the continued financial support for our projects .


With great joy I announce to you the good news that our Chad-Cameroon Mission has been raised to the status of a DELEGATION in the Congregation. Fr. Manoj Arackal, the present Mission Superior has been elected and appointed the Delegation Superior. The new Delegation will be formally inaugurated before the end of the year when the Delegation Superior will also be officially installed in office. We thank God Almighty for his providential care for this very difficult mission during the past 19 years. We also gratefully remember the numerous friends and benefactors who have contributed much towards the growth of this Mission. In spite of the many hardships that we encounter almost daily, the Mission has been growing up on a rapid pace beyond all our expectations. Thanks be to God. We wish Fr. Manoj, the new Delegation Superior and all the members of the New Delegation much success in their noble task of bringing education and development to a greatly impoverished population in the remote villages of Chad and Cameroon.


Schuelerpatenschaften is an ongoing scholarship program which is now a combined project of Agape and Vikasjyothi . This program tries to reach out to the economically poor and disadvantaged children in Africa and in India chiefly to assist them in their primary education. This project has now been extended to many new areas and regions both in Africa and India. We are now trying to expand this program providing scholarship to a few deserving candidates especially the girl-children and help them pursue their higher education at the University level. Apart from catering to a large number of poor children through the many orphanages and children’s homes in our missions in Africa and India, the Schulerpatenschaften program helps also many children directly in far off villages.


In most developing countries it is the girl-child who suffers most from gender bias and discrimination. Educating a girl-child is one sure way of giving her much greater power enabling her to make genuine choices over the kinds of life she wishes to lead. Vikasjyothi would like to reach out to the girl-child especially to those who are from the economically poorest sector in all our missions . I would like to invite our friends and well-wishers to contribute generously towards this noble program initiated by Agape and Vikasjyothi.

I wish to thank you one and all for your continued interest and support for our works in Arica and in India. It is very gratifying to note that most of our educational and developmental projects in the missions are making steady progress benefitting thousands of people especially many poor and disadvanaged children. May God bless you all and reward your generosity.

With warm regards,

P. Dr. Thomas Cherukat, MSFS


Dear Friends of Fransalians,

Greetings of joy and peace to each one of you from the Fransalian Mission of Chad-Cameroon. It is with great joy that I share with you the good news that our 19 years old Mission has been recently raised to the status of a DELEGATION in the Congregation. It is indeed a sign of the tremendous growth and vitality of this Mission. The responsibility of leading the newly created DELEGATION has come on me. With all humility I have accepted to be the Delegation Superior for the next three years. I take this opportunity to express my gratitude and indebtedness to all of you for your continued support and encouragement for our work in this mission for the past 19 years. May the good Lord bless you and reward your generosity and love towards the poor.


I am extremely happy to inform you that we have been able to complete the first phase of construction of the new S.F.S. School at Doba. On 15 January 2018 the new building was blessed by the Bishop of Doba and declared open by the Provincial Superior of the South West India Province in the presence of a large number of people. This is the third Fransalian school in Chad. The new school building is equipped with seven class rooms, one staff room and one office. The academic year begins in September and more than 100 children are expected to join the first batch. The construction of a Childrens’ Home is also underway.

The SFS School at BERO is the first ever Fransalian School in Chad. It is a primary school with over 200 children in 6 classes. A Boys’ Home is attached to the school where some 40 children from the far off villages receive board and lodge besides quality education. More than 50 girl-children from the villages are direcltly helped with scholarships
The Comboni School at Doba with more than 1000 children on its rolls is yet another school managed by the Fransalians in Chad. These three schools do make a great contribution to the local population which is largely poor and illiterate. The quality education that is imparted in these schools enable children from the poorer sections of society to complete their secondary school and pursue higher education.


Thanks to the financial support that we receive from our friends and benefactors we have been able to initiate the construction of a nursery section plus two class rooms and an office at the SFS School Gada Mabanga Jallingo in Ngaoundere. At present this school has 254 children in five classes.


With the generous financial support from some of our good friends we have been able to continue our well-digging projects in Chad and North Cameroon. Three wells have been dug during the past few months, two at Doba in Chad and another at Ngaoundere in North Cameroon. Most of the villages in the region do not have access to safe and clean drinking water. Thanks to our friends and benefactors we have been able to provide more than 25 wells to a number of villages during the past few years. 

Dear Friends of the Fransalians,

I am very grateful to each of you for your continued support and encouragement for the various educational and developmental works in our missions. We are particularly grateful to our friends in Germany especially the members of the Freundeskreis at Kahlgrund and the parishioners of the Friedens Christi Parish in Munich. We are also very much indebted to our friends in Austria who continue to help us through the Agape Austria in Klosterneuburg. May God bless you and reward your generosity.

Yours cordially

P. Manoj Arackal, MSFS

Greetings From Rome

My dear Friends of the Fransalians,

This is the last Agape Africa addressed to you from Rome. I wish to greet each one of you a very joyful and peaceful Christmas. Christmas is indeed a time of sharing and caring. May this Christmas be an occasion for all of us to reach out to the poorest of the poor in the remotest regions of the world. Care and concern for the neglected and abandoned should be a joyful responsibility for every Christian. The birth of Jesus as a poor little baby in a stable at Bethlehem challenges us to be on the side of the poor and the needy. I wish to thank each one of you for your love and concern for our Fransalian Missions all over the world especially in Africa.

All our missions in Africa are growing steadily. The Fransalians are now working in 10 African countries namely Chad, Cameroon, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Mozambique, Zambia, South Africa, Namibia and Swaziland. Over 150 Fransalians – most of them are from India – are actively engaged in a large number of educational and developmental projects in these countries. Over 70 African candidates to Priesthood are in various stages of formation in these Missions.

P. Dr. Tom CHOZHITHARA, MSFS my successor in Rome has already taken up his responsibilities as the Director of Amisales. However he needs more time to take up his permanent residence in Rome due to his commitments unfinished works in Uganda where he has been the Director of a newly established school. He is expected to be fully present in Rome only from April 2018.

As for me it is time to leave Rome. On 28th December 2017 I will take the flight to Bangalore, in India from where I will proceed to Mysore, a small city of 1 million inhabitants and join my new community there on 1st January 2018. Mysore is not new for me. I have spent 20 years of my priestly life in the Region around Mysore and Bangalore. From Mysore I hope to continue the work of mobilizing resources for the missions in Africa especially for our Chad-Cameroon Mission. I hope to continue the ongoing projects of “Schuelerpatenschaften” and “Trinkwasserprojekte” in close collaboration with the Freundeskreis/Agape in Kahlgrund/Germany. Thank you one and all for your readiness to help our missions thourgh your generous donations and support.

Before I leave for India, I have planned a visit to our Chad-Cameroon Mission from 5 – 20 December 2017. Mr. Bernhard Melchart from Vienna, a long-time friend and benefactor of our Chad-Cameroon Mission will also be travelling with me. I am looking forward to the joy of being once again in Chad and Cameroon where I had spent 7 years of my missionary life. On my return to Rome I hope to spend Christmas at Vatican. It has been an enriching experience for me to have lived in the Eternal City for the past 10 years. Certainly I will miss Rome very much. But it is part of our missionary vocation to be constantly on the move. It is also a joy for me to return to India after 17 years of missionary service outside. “Bloom where you are planted”. “ Everything by love and nothing by force” said our Patron Saint Francis de Sales.

As I say Adieu to you all from Rome, I hope to be in touch with you all from India through Agape and through emails and Whatsapps etc. I wish you all a joyful and grace-filled Christmas and Blessings of God in abundance in the New Year 2018.

God bless
Auf Wiedersehen
P. Thomas Cherukat, MSFS


Greetings From Chad-Cameroon

My dear readers of Agape Afrika,

Greetings of peace and joy to you from the Chad-Cameroon Mission of the Fransalians. I wish each one of you a very blessed Christmas and a grace-filled New Year 2018. We the Fransalians in Chad and Cameroon thank God for the marvelous ways He has guided us and protected us all throughout the past 18 years. The year 2017 has been an year of blessings for all of us. Through the generous help of friends and benefactors from all over the world we have been able to complete the construction of a minor seminary at Ngaoundere in North Cameroon. The new seminary is scheduled to be inaugurated in January 2018. A new extension of La Feuillette, our Mission Headquarters and the Theology Study House at Ngoya near Yaounde has also been completed. The inauguration is scheduled to be held on 8th December 2017.

This year we are fortunate to have received a generous contribution from the friends and benefactors through the Amisales of Rome and through the Freundeskreis of Kahlgrund towards the education of 128 children from our missions in Chad and Cameroon. We have also been able to continue the drinking water project by providing two more wells to the needy villages in our missions in Chad and Cameroon. A big thank you to all our friends and benefactors.

An entirely new educational complex is coming up at our Doba Mission in Chad. It is a project of great promise for this poverty-stricken country. The Congregation has acquired sufficient land at GAKI about 3 kms from Doba. The construction of St. Francis de Sales school is already underway. The first phase of the school with 7 class rooms will be ready for inauguration in January 2018.

We are also grateful to our friends and benefactors in the Frieden Christi Parish in Munich and in the Parish of Saint Francois de Sales in Annecy, France for their continued support towards the development of our SFS School at Gada Mabanga in Ngaoundere. We are also immensely grateful to the many donors who help us through the Verein Agape Austria for a number of projects in Chad and Cameroon.

We give thanks to God almighty for the many good vocations we receive from Cameroon and Chad. We have already three young priests from Cameroon. On 8th December one more Cameroonian will be ordained a deacon at La Feuillette. This year we had six novices from Chad and Cameroon who made their first profession in the Congregation. A new batch of 5 novices have entered the novitiate. Over 20 candidates will enter the new minor seminary at Ngaoundere for their initial formation.

Dear Friends and Benefactors, We thank you for your prayers, support and encouragement. May the Spirit of God bind us together with a strong bond of love and affection while working for a noble cause. We also promise our prayers for you and for your intentions.

May God Almighty reward your generosity.

Yours cordially,
P. Manoj Arackal, MSFS