Mission Development Office And The Year Of Consecrated Life For Mission

The Five Point Action Plan

In this year of Consecrated Life for Mission, AMISALES, the Mission Development Office (MDO)  in Rome has decided on a FIVE POINT ACTION PLAN with specific targets set on each of them. We are now looking for sponsors and collaborators to support this noble campaign to help our missions and missionaries to reach out to the poorest of the poor particularly in Africa, Asia and South America. Here are the 5 ways you can help us to help the poor.

  • MDO has set a target of enrolling sponsors for 1000 disadvantaged children from the MSFS Missions. The sponsors are requested to make a minimum contribution of € 10.00 per month or € 120.00 per year per child. A profile of the child with a photograph will be given to the sponsor. An annual progress report of the child will be sent to the sponsor.
  • Providing safe and clean drinking water to villages.  MDO has set a target of providing safe and clean drinking water to 100 villages in MSFS Missions. The cost of an open well and a hand pump is estimated approximately at € 2000.00. The MDO will launch a campaign to enroll as many sponsors as possible. A minimum contribution of € 100.00 is requested
  • Appeals for the support of scholastics from the needy provinces and missions. MDO has set a target to find sponsors for 200 scholastics. The cost of formation for a scholastic is estimated approximately at € 2000.00 per year. MDO will seek a minimum contribution of € 100.00 from as many sponsors as possible
  • Appeals for Mass Intentions for confreres in the missions who need mass intentions. The MDO has set a target of collecting 15000 Mass Intentions
  • Appeals for Legacies, Endowments and Gifts towards a Global Fund for the Missions. MDO has set a target of contacting 100 potential donors

Your collaboration to these projects is much appreciated. MDO as the official “Mission Procure“ of the Congregation requests the whole-hearted support and collaboration from each and every confrere to effectively implement the proposed Action Plan. (SG-AB 7 ) dated 20 Jan. 2015

Your contributions may kindly be forwarded to: 

For more information, please email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.